Which Awning?

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Which Awning?

Post by Blackmuggle30 on Wed May 09, 2012 12:30 am

Hi All,
The next decision is which awning to go for?

As this is likely to be going up and down most days over the 3mths we're away, it needs to be super quick and easy and take up as little storage space as possible when not in use.

Are all awnings drive away or is this a separate consideration?

Thanks for any help :-) scratch


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Re: Which Awning?

Post by Martin Wheeler on Wed May 09, 2012 8:10 am

Most awnings are pretty big when packed so will take up a lot of room in the van. Our Outwell fills up a third of the space under the rear shelf. The quick erect Kyhams are just as big. From your previous post you are a family of four so assume you may have child seats which you need to store to sleep in the van etc. We saw to families with T2 campers in France last year which used the Quechua base seconds which may fit your requirements. Quick to put up but people say you need to practice packing away!


Martin Wheeler

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Re: Which Awning?

Post by Admin on Fri May 11, 2012 8:35 pm

We have used a movelite awning, which was a light weight driveaway awning that packed away fairly small and as we were travelling with children that had car seats space was an issue. The problem with that was it took about 20 minutes to put up and then additional time to peg out which in the great scheme of things isnt a problem but the one reason we bought a cali was ease of camping with a family an the fact that you can pull up to a site and turn your seats around and you are more or less done! We subsequently sold that and bought a khyam quick errect system and to be honest although it is very bulky and heavy to carry the time it saves getting it out and putting it away was worth (to us) the sacrafice. I believe it took hubby 3 1/2 minutes on his own!

I suspect if you are having to put something up and down everyday it may become a bit of a bind. When we had a long trip with the family we purchased a Thule Back box and base and more or less put all of our items in the box (its like a roof box that sits on a rear tow bar so no climbing up to the roof) When we got to site depending on how long we were staying for we could leave the box in situ or remove it and leave it next to the van locked up.

When we changed our van, our new one wasn't fitted with a tow bar so we bought the Thule bag, which can go on the back base or will sit on the parcel shelf of the van, or if you push your seats all the way to the back and the bag fits on the living area floor (much to the childrens enjoyment as they use it as a table come footstool) again when we get to site we would whip it out and either store it in the awning or outside by the van as once again fully waterproof and locakable.

It really does depend on indivual needs and in all honesty it took us some time to get the right configuraion as there were four of us to consider plus seats!!!

When looking at awnings you will find some are drivaway and some aren't, if you go for a driveaway just make sure that you purchase the connecting strips so that it can attach to the van, if that's what you require.

If you are buying it simply for storage and the Thule bag or box isn't for you, perhaps go for something smaller like a utility tent.

Good luck


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Re: Which Awning?

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