Filling with fuel

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Filling with fuel

Post by lewisnoble on Tue May 22, 2012 9:11 pm

Bit of a scare last week - I pulled up at an Attended Fuel station (only a few of those around) and while I was still in the drivers seat checking I had my wallet etc the filling station guy started trying to undo the water filler!! Despite the fact that I have tippexed in the tap shape to make it clear it was for water not fuel . . . . . and leaned across to open the nearside door . . . .

Fortunately, my locking cap defeated him, but if that had failed and been replaced by a temporary filler cap, I could have been in trouble!!

Once I realised what was happening, I was out of the van as though I was in an ejector seat.

So, guys, we must always keep our locking caps in place, or, if they break and a replaced by something temporary, get out of the van quickly!!

No harm done - but I think there was someone on here about 3 years ago where his water tank had been filled with diesel by a VW garage!!

Lovely sunny day today, is the start of a change in the weather??



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