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Post by Cliff Durant on Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:25 am

I though it might be an idea to establish a checklist of all the items that are supposed to in the Cali on collection. for any new purchasers this list will also serve as a list of items that the salesperson should cover in the handover. Any items missing please add to this list---


T5 owners manual Handbooks inc radio
California supplement.
Mosquito nets for side sliding windows
Pegs to secure awning leg feet
Service book
Roadside assistance handbook
Tool kit against rear seat containing--
Jack,Screwdriver,Wheel centre caps tool
Wheel brace, locking wheelnut tool
Two Ignition Keys, Remote Key for Heating
Euro cable, Warning Triangle.
Puncture repair kit (Canberra wheels only)
Cutlery drawer
Child net for upstairs bed
Night time screens for cab windows
Handle for roll out awning
Fridge basket
Sink bowl
First aid kit
Gas fittings in gas locker
Roof strap to hold down in an emergency.
Table strap for bench seat
tool to remove fuses.

If you can think of any more please add to the list

Cliff Durant

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Post by m18rus on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:09 pm

Many thanks for this & the systems activation list. Most useful. Get 1st Cali 1/10/2012. Ex demo Natural grey 180BiTdi 4 Motion. regards.


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