Too tight Vanorak

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Too tight Vanorak

Post by AndrewB on Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:30 pm

We have used our Vanorak several times, and generally find it very good. But I've been getting increasingly worried by the fact that when the roof has been raised the Vanorak is drum tight on the rear corner, passenger side. It has always been like that (it hasn't shrunk), but I am concerned that if the material is as tight as that, it must be preventing that rear corner of the roof from lifting as high as it is intended to go. We take great care to ensure it is properly fitted over the four corners of the Cali roof, though I must say that is very tight too.
I have tried emailing, who supply the Vanorak, but I keep getting email delivery failure notice, which is not very reassuring, especially as there isn't a phone number!
Has anyone else had this problem with a Vanorak; or can tell us how to get through to the Vanorak suppliers, please?


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Re: Too tight Vanorak

Post by Booboo on Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:52 am

You are not alone my friend I had exactly the same problem to the point that it
Ripped in both corners on the passenger side it was as tight as a drum I have now changed to a mutze. I think it is a design fault I raised the roof with the vanorak once and being tight it got caught and put a great pressure on the roof
To the point it was slow raising. Please be very careful as vw have told me if I damage the roof using this product they would not cover it. I to had difficulty contacting the supplier to the point I gave up


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Re: Too tight Vanorak

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:07 pm

Hi both,

I'm really sorry that you have had problems with your covers and also with the fact that you say you have contacted us with no reponse :-(

The cover was designed to be a snug fit as to prevent it from flapping around in the wind etc and to be honest it does look a bit tighter when fitted due to the way the roof bends round on the corner (as they are not straight edges ). You may also notice that when you fir your cover it is tighter at the back than it is at the front. The knack to fitting them (we have found) is to when you run the edging strip in to the channel on the van, don't pull it right to the front of the van, because when the roof rasies it goes back slightly therfore if you pull the cover all the way to the front it nautrally makes it tigher (I hope this is making sense)??? and because it is such a pricise fit there isn't much room for error. The company that we use to maunfacture the product have an outstanding history and have been making car and caravan covers for many years for some of the biggest names in the motor industry.

Please if you have any issues or want any further advice please contact us at and we WILL get in contact. The info email address hasn't been in use for a while as we have had constant promblems with it but it must keep flashing up somewhere.... We will try and get to the bottom of that to


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Re: Too tight Vanorak

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