Renting out your Cali

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Renting out your Cali

Post by tomb353 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:37 pm

HI, new here, and in the process of ordering my first VW California. The plan is to rent it out for a substantial part of the year to cover the cost. I'd appreciate any advice from those who do the same on both insurance and other matters.

From the research I've doen so far it seems that what I need is a commercial Motor Traders policy which also allows for my own social and domestic use. I then need pay as you go self drive hire cover for the days it is out on loan. I've already hit my first hitch with this as the company that I've asked to quote has a £30,000 cap for self-drive which falls short of what the Cali is worth. Has anyone hit this problem before? Any idea how the cost of motor trade insurance compares to a standard domestic policy?

Ideally I want to generate most hires myself through a website and bits of free / cheap advertising. The agencies that offer to arrange this for you seem to take quite a big cut, but perhaps some are better than others?


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