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Driveaway Awnings

Post by SpikeH on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:10 am

Have had a couple of Khyam awnings - currently on second one after we upgraded to a slightly larger size. They are really good and I wouldn't be without a driveaway awning for a stay of 2 or more nights - given we have a young family to fit in. But I have a few questions ppl here may be able to help with...

1) When you set your Khyam up and use the linking strip between the roll out awning and the Khyam - how much of the roll out awning do you extend out? I find if I do it too close then the sliding door catches...

2) Has anyone found a way of having a driveaway awning and still being able to open their driver's side door? No matter how I've tried to position the van I can't seem to achieve this.

3) In strong winds the fig of 8 strip and connecting strip move and vibrate so that overnight one of the three fig 8 strip falls out altogether, I peg all the available pegs down but even then it happens.

4) What is the best awning in your view and why?

So if anyone can post some answers or even better a video showing Awning Connection for Beginners, then I'd appreciate it - and am sure I can't be the only one!


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