California SE 61 plate, TERRIBLE suspension

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California SE 61 plate, TERRIBLE suspension

Post by drobb on Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:58 pm

Hi All

My wife and I own a 61 plate California SE, 180 DSG which we have had for 6 months. While we are really impressed with nearly everything about the camper, the ride leaves a lot to be desired. At best I would say it's really crashy, you can feel every bump in the road, and when you hit a small hole it sounds like the van will fall apart.
I'm going up to VW on Tuesday to see what they say. I would like them to check out the suspension If there is nothing wrong I would like to know if there are any options to improve it. Maybe lowered springs or different tyres???
I would like to know other peoples thoughts on this. We can't be the only ones to think the ride is terrible. It is that bad that my wife is starting to refuse to go anywhere in it. Not enjoyable, rather tiring, even a small journey is unbearable.
I have checked tyre pressure, removed everything from the van but it's still the same. To me it sounds like the dampers just keep rebounding and aren't damping out the shock.
If I can't get anything sorted we are at the point where we will have to sell, it's that irritating...

Thoughts greatly appreciated.



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Re: California SE 61 plate, TERRIBLE suspension

Post by Dave Grover on Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:16 am

It will be worse if you have the big wheels with low profile tyres. We have a 07 California and the suspension only works well when it has a full load on.After all it`s based on a van able to carry a big load of building materials.Put half a ton of paving slabs on the floor and try it out- it will be much better. Dave ,Harrow

Dave Grover

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