Glasgow van centre - formerly verve

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Glasgow van centre - formerly verve

Post by Pmaxted on Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:17 pm

Still stunned by how bad the service is. I've got the standard Cali roof rot. Van just three years old. Took the van there and.... Nothing. Total radio silence. You ring and are told you will be contacted by the warranty person and nothing. Even better, sent an email to vw customer services and they don't respond either. Oh the other killer is that they want me to pay to rectify the wind deflector they fitted that's falling off - because verve went into recievership so its now a different company. Customer experience is soul destroying so recommend you avoid.

I wouldn't buy another vw based on my current experiences of faulty manufacture and shit service. Wondered whether anyone has had better experiences with edinburgh, as even at a 50 mile drive it may be better than wasting my time with Glasgow (formerly known as verve) - I have to get the roof fixed - three years old and less that 13k miles and its completely blistered. I wish I'd bought a Westfalia Mercedes. Anyone out there that's managed to get good service?


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