Comfort Insurance - Net-rated policy

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Comfort Insurance - Net-rated policy

Post by Martin Wheeler on Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:37 am

Comfort Insurance offer net-rated policies, this is how they explain it on their website.

"Net-rated policies (such as the Comfort motorhome product) use a premium equivalent to a maximum no claims bonus. The effect is the same as a guaranteed NCB in that it applies to the life of the policy, and cannot be directly affected by claims (other than a possible premium loading for adverse experience). If proof of NCB is required following a change of insurer the evidence would show the number of years claim-free driving. One advantage of net-rated policies is that available NCB can be used against another insurance policy, e.g. private car."

Does anybody have any experience of these and what happens to the premium after making a claim or number of claims?

Martin Wheeler

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Re: Comfort Insurance - Net-rated policy

Post by tonycosgrove on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:30 am

Hi Martin, I hope Croatia was good. I have taken this opportunity to see if we can breathe some life back into the site, so here goes about insurance. I haven't any experience of net-rated policies, but I do kow a thing or two about negotiating lower premiums!
Insurance is a perennial topic and for what it is worth, I have just renewed mine with Saga. LOL, I really am over 55! (and how!) However, I always shop around and normally choose to talk to an agent rather than just doing it on line. The result is invariably a reduction, despite all their woeful messages about increased premiums ete etc. For example, this year my renewal invitation was for £205 but after 10 minutes of chat, banter, I never go over 45 mph etc, the long and the short of it is a revised premium of £145!! Good luck and let me know if anyone would like more advice from an old codger who has been working on this principal for 40 years!
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