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Post by Cliff Durant on Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:01 am

Here is an old thread from 2010, one that I had originally started but didn't go any further with, but kept in the back of my mind for later. well later has arrived, basically I found on German ebay which is always a bit of fun to take a peep at. some VW California shelves for the wardrobe, now the ebay link dosen't work now so pehaps they dont sell them anymore, basically it was a company who had made shelves for the wardrobe that fitted perfectly and turned the wardrobe into a decent space of three shelves which looked really useful, they were shaped to give access to the safe on the bottom shelf, it made sense to use the full space. anyway what followed was two replies one from BarryJones who we can always rely on for a good quip and a laugh and also a reply from Julie Pearce who straightaway recognised the product and put two product names forward for us to be able to track down, they were made of exactly the same material that our cupboards under the sink are made of so could be useful for all sorts of purposes. anyway here are the original replies, if there are any sign makers as members that use these product I would love to hear from you as to dificulties in cutting and polishing edges, that sort of thing. the shelf clips of course are available from VW---

Original thread from 2010
On ebay de, I have found some Wardrobe shelves specifically designed for the Cali wardrobe, a set of three for 98 euros (£80) they look to be of a fine quality and even come with 12 original Vw clips so as you can position them where you wish.
Here is the link........


Barry Jones
13 months ago
I think there was a post on here a few months ago in which there was described a DIY mod changing the wardrobe space into shelf space?
I've a grandson who would be appalled: it's his favourite hiding place when he's out with us.

Julie Pearce
13 months ago
Hi, I Think you will find these shelves are nothing more than 3mm composite panel used extensively in the sign making trade for exterior signs. It goes by trade names like dibond and alupanel.
Would be a lot cheaper to get hold of some odd scrap pieces from a local sign maker and save £90.

I have also added this thread to the new Facebook Forum the vw california

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