Gas cooker /thermocouple

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Gas cooker /thermocouple

Post by lewisnoble on Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:55 pm

Hello everybody . . .

My cooker needs attention - one of the burners no longer stays alight after releasing the knob, however long you have been pressing it - this has gradually got worse over the last few months. Almost certainly this is a failed thermocouple, the 'safety device' that prevents the cooker being left unlit.

Has anyone ever replaced one?? If so, how?? It looks pretty well impossible to get at from underneath, and I guess the hob / sink unit has to be removed. How is that done??

My VWVC say they would do it, but acknowledge they have never done one before and have quoted about £180 - with the assumption they do not need a gas fitter to reconnect pipes. I plan to do it myself, with my brother who is a gas fitter . . . .

Any advice on here??

Lewis - Sheffield


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