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Post by mikeringrose on Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:54 am


Reading the forums I get the impression the Cali is a fragile but often much loved beast. I love German engineering and am the cusp of buying a used Cali but having researched the forums I am becoming concerned about reliability issues. I would be well and truly upset if my roof failed when abroad and this would result in an immediate divorce from the Cali. If I am going to pay £40K + for a vehicle I expect it to work 99.9% of the time without hassle and frequent trips to the garage.

I have owned Mercs and a VW Eos which also has a vulnerable roof mechanism and have not encountered any problems - so German engineering works for me. Oddly the Eos forums are also full of tales of roof problems. Perhaps it is luck on my part or a small minority of very dissatisfied and vocal forum users making a noise. How can I tell?

Assuming I have high expectations of build quality and reliability, do you think I would be pleased or disappointed with a California? Both positive and negative views are welcome.

Oh I tried to spend £40K in the VW garage in Kettering last Saturday but the salesman did not want to talk to me so if anyone can recommend a good VW garage in the Northants or Leicestershire area please do let me know.



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