Sale Value of my Cali before I get another help?

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Sale Value of my Cali before I get another help?

Post by chainline on Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:55 am

Its probably not the right place to put this but I'm not sure where else to put it!

This forum was the reason I got a Cali in the first place and knew what I wanted so it sems logical to come back for this question...
My Cali is coming up for 3yrs old in April. Its one of the first facelift models 180DSG with lots of options. My plan was to buy it at the end of the PCP period but my company has introduced a new company car policy for those of us that take the money instead (We have a 150kg CO2/km limit.
A condition of the payment is the vehicle must be under 4yrs or 80k miles. What I don't want to do is buy my Cali and then have to look to sell it 9months later!
Its done 42k trouble free miles (One out of calibration oil quality sensor did cause it to get an extra service FOC Wink and the roof bellows were replaced under warrany) (Its our daily driver) and served us very well indeed and been well looked after by local VW dealer. I want to get another so it's either another PCP on a new one (Although the package looks much less attractive than when I purchased mine and the price has gone up by almost £10k) or find a nearly new 2012 model at a decent price that will last me another 3-4yrs. The reason I bought a new one was not only couldn't seem to find the options I wanted but I couldn't afford to pay the full amount for a close to new s/h one. Having paid VW so much money over the last 3 yrs for such a low final value fee I am better placed to decide, I can't however afford another new one the same spec as mine...This is slightly from memory now..specification

2010 Pearlescent Deep Black 180 BiTDi DSG
All the usual std stuff plus these options
17" Thunder alloys (tyres are all very good. New set on the front at 35k, likely to have new set on the back before sale)
Leather Multifunction steering wheel
Cruise Control (Cant remember if that was std!)
Privacy glass
DAB radio
Ipod/multi connector into radio unit
Smoking pack (just so I got the cup holder and an extra charging point)
Headlight washers
Auto Dimming rear view mirror
Rain sensing wipers
rear bumper cover
Rear bumper cover

And I could include but imagined transferring them...
VW bike rack
Removable towbar

Condition is excellent overall. There are some small stone chips on the bonnet (These are being fixed next week) and a couple of small marks on the drivers door upholstry (A bit like jumper fluff/bobbles, probably from zips or other rubbing getting in and out)
I'm trying to get an idea of the value before I slump off to the classifieds to compare s/h and new...I ask ask there seems to be quite a range. I'm a bit gutted I can't afford the same spec again as its now above £50k.

I was thinking around the £35k mark but there seem to be some similar vehicles go for quite a bit more but that's what I thought was a fair price, though its much better than £20k less than a new one would suggest!! It seems every 10k on the mileage drops about £800 which is fair enough. Though our engine is still improving in mpg terms and is better than ever, but I know the early ones had tighter tolerances on the engines before they got a better idea of how they performed over time in the emissions tests.

Any help appreciated. I need to advertise it in the next couple of weeks I think and organise another vehicle. Can't live without my Cali..Hope everyone is well.


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